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Trimble GPS Systems

Trimble's new 6000 Series GeoXH and GeoXT, and the 3000 Series GeoXH, GeoXT and GeoXM handhelds. Other Trimble GPS units include ProXH, ProXT, and ProXRT, Yuma Tablet, Juno Series SB, SC. and SD. Nomad, Ranger, and Recon.  Software: TerraSync, Pathfinder Office, GPScorrect, and GPS Analyst are described here to aid  your purchase decision.  We advise you on the best GPS for your application, what accessories to purchase, and what options you need.  We offer GPS training, consulting, and course development too.  We are an authorized Trimble dealer and a Certified Trimble Instructor fpr 15 years.  There is no cost to you for our services, since orders go directly to Trimble at their prices.  In turn, you will receive excellent support.  We have over 15 years GPS experience.  We know Trimble GPS and GIS backwards and forwards.  As a result, we understand GPS and GIS system integration. 

We include training with Trimble systems. This can be a great benefit to you, since we have years of experience as a Trimble Certified Trainer. We know from field experience the secrets to successful data collection. Buying hardware and software is only the beginning. The key is how to use the equipment once you own it.

This web site www.e-trimblegps.com is fully owned, controlled and operated by RLA Geosystems - an authorized reseller of Trimble products.  The official web site of Trimble can be found at www.trimble.com.

GPS by Trimble Navigation  Excellent GPS solutions for required accuracy, equipment portability, and cost; Learn about Trimble's 6000 amd 3000 Series GeoExplorers. Other Trimble GPS and Field Software.  Click on blue letters to see details.                

Offset Laser    The TruPulse laser's automated offsets beat the manual input method by a mile.  Measuring both distance and azimuth, you can map manholes and other features in the middle of the street.  Map locations under tree canopy or near fences or buildings where multipath can affect data accuracy or block GPS signals.  Map features that are on private property or gauging stations in middle of streams.  

GPS for Educators Classroom Instruction Kit  Here is a ready-to-go kit for teaching GPS basics to students.  It includes 10 Garmin GPS 72H units, an instruction manual with each unit, an instructors Guide, 10 student manuals and an overview of how the GPS units determines positions on the face of the earth.  An excellent GPS educator solutions for the classroom and technology class. Educator GPS Kits Ready to Go.   These kits can meet the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requirements for school reform and improvement under the ARRA category: "Improve results for all students including early learning, extended learning time, use of technology, preparation for college, and school modernization."riecovery and Restment Act requirements for s

Low Cost GPS Handhelds If you are looking for value GPS receivers, check this section.  Units are a little over $100.  They are perfect for navigation and GPS demonstrations. Training videos are available.

GPS Services  On-site GPS training courses, and GPS consulting for superior data collections in difficult terrain.  How to use external sensors and automatic and manual offsets to work around canopy and multipath.

GPS 101  Links to  GPS sites where you can learn GPS basics.  Educate yourself about GPS. 

Trimble FW SW Support  Explanation about firmware (FW), software (SW) support and hardware warranty.  Trimble's policy and current FW SW versions.

GIS If you are interested in ArcView or ArcGIS by ESRI, click on this link for complete information, prices, and software available to go with your GPS.

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