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What is FW SW Support?

When you purchase a Trimble GPS, you receive a one year hardware warranty which covers hardware parts and labor under normal usage.  In addition you receive  90-day firmware (FW) and software (SW) coverage. Exceptions are TerraSync, Pathfindfer Office, and GPS Analyst.  They come standard with a 12 months software maintenance.  Firmware is in the Trimble receiver and/or datalogger.  Software is on the CDROM disk used to load Trimble Pathfinder Office or some other Trimble software.  In the event new versions of FW or SW is issued during the 90-day period, you receive the upgrade at no cost.  You can purchase extended hardware warranties or FW/SW upgrades for one year periods or more.  After a warranty or support period has expired, in the absence of support agreements, you no longer receive revised versions of FW or SW nor is your GPS under hardware warranty.

Trimble's New FW SW Policy

Last year Trimble changed its FW/SW policy.  Now if you do purchase, FW/SW support prior to the initial 90-day period,  you can purchase support extensions at a reduced cost. Otherwise, you can purchase an upgrade at a higher cost.

Current FW SW Versions (as of 5/09)

GPS Pathfinder Office                          v4.0
TerraSync                                          v4.0

Handheld Firmware
Asset Surveyor-TSC1                           v5.27
Asset Surveyor - TDC1                         v3.40
GPS Pathfinder Controller                     v1.20

Receiver Firmware
GeoExplorer GPS                                v1.81
GPS Pathfinder Pro XR firmware           v1.70, 1.31
GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS firmware         v1.70, 1.52A



Support prices range from $200 to $355 a year depending on unit and whether an extended hardware warranty is included.  We can point you to the most cost effective way.

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