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Trimble Juno Series, SB, SC, and SD   

The pocket-size Juno is not much larger than many cell phones.  Only 4.3 in x 2.4 in x 0.7 in,  weighting 0.3 lb.  They provides 2 to 5 meter GPS positioning in real time or 1-3 meters post processing.  While the addition of Trimble's Pathfinder Office software will provide customized data dictionaries, export to GIS, and the best level of accuracy range, Juno St could serve as a stand-alone GPS with real time accuracy  The moderate price makes it a cost effective data collection solution for an entire work force.  

The units is designed to track all available GPS satellites.  This allows a maximize yield of positions in hostile environments, such as under forest canopy, up against buildings, and in urban area. 

The Juno handheld is ideal for utility companies, government organizations, and agencies that are managing large deployment and tight budgets.   Juno is easily carried in a shirt pocket and you won't be down by a large receiver.  Every member of your workforce can be equipped at all times.  Provides 6 hours of battery life in normal use with GPS.  Powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.X software includes Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, and Pocket Outlook.    

Integrated Bluetooth and wireless LAN technology provides options for connecting to the internet  (at broadband speeds) and corporate networks to access data and maps and to send and receive email and instant messages.  The Juno handheld can output the NMEA and SiRF binary protocols.  The receiver outputs NMEA data by default.  If you connect to the receiver using Trimble GPS field software, NMEA output is switched off.  Using the integrated Bluetooth radio you can establish cable-free connections to other Bluetooth devices that are within 10 meters such as mobile phones, desktop communicators, and many more.

Small and lightweight, the Trimble Recon handheld is ready to work when you are. Thanks to a powerful battery, you can work all day in the field without having to worry about data loss. Internal Flash memory protects your data from resets or power loss.  A Secure Digital (SD) card slot for expandable data storage ensures you always have ample storage for data.

Their are three models in the Juno Series: SC, SB, and SD. The SC and SD add a cellular modem for connection to the internet or your organization, Each has a built-in digital camera with time and date-stamped plus current GPS postion when using TerraSync software.  The Juno SD support voice calls and text messaging. The SC and SD require an activated SIM card to connect to a cellular network.  

bulletPower supply with international adapter kit
bulletVehicle power adapter
bullet1 m mini USB cable
bulletGetting Started Disc (includes ActivSync software)
bulletCarry Case
bulletRechargeable Li-ion battery

Optional accessories include: replacement Li-ion battery, external GPS antenna, and stylus (pack of 2).


Basic prices range from $600 to $1,200.  Just fill out the e-mail request tab at the top and a detailed quotation is yours. (Price link for educators)

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