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Trimble Recon  

The Trimble Recon™ handheld datalogger is designed for the realities of mobile GIS fieldwork. Compact and rugged, it exceeds military specifications for drop, vibration, immersion, and operating temperatures.

The Recon serves as a data collector but has two CompactFlash (CF) slots, letting you add GPS cards, barcode scanners, and other devices - or add a memory card if you want to take additional data into the field. Bluetooth wireless technology provides a cable-free connection between the Recon your receiver--no more snagging cables when moving through difficult terrain or getting in and out of a vehicle. The receiver itself is compact and lightweight, and can be mounted in the way that best suits the way you work.

Small and lightweight, the Trimble Recon handheld is ready to work when you are. Thanks to a powerful battery, you can work all day in the field without having to worry about data loss. Internal Flash memory protects your data from resets or power loss.

Trimble Recon displays large GIS image and data files quickly. Its color touch screen is readable in direct sunlight, so you can easily view detailed graphics files in the field.  Mobile technology is changing fast and the Trimble Recon is designed to keep up.

It comes with the Microsoft® Windows® Mobile operating system, so you get all the benefits of a standard platform—you can run software compatible with your Windows  operating system, including the GIS field software that meets the needs of your application.

And, if you need to navigate to or physically map the location of assets for your GIS, the Trimble Recon handheld works seamlessly with Trimble's GPS Pathfinder® receivers and specialized TerraSync™ software for data collection and data maintenance.

Trimble Recon—the ultra-rugged handheld for taking your GIS to the field, in all conditions.  

Key Features Recon Version
bulletRugged and waterproof
bulletTwo CompactFlash slots
bulletAll-day battery  
bulletMicrosoft Windows operating system
bulletSmall and lightweight


Prices at about $1,400 (Price link for educators)

For quotations, information, or pricing call toll-free 1-877-535-4454. 

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