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Trimble L-1 Reference Station

The Trimble® 5700 L1 Reference Station system is purpose-built to deliver reliable differential corrections for mapping and GIS applications. With the 5700 L1 Reference Station system, you can be confident of achieving the specified 30 cm  postprocessed accuracy with the GPS Pathfinder® ProXH™ receiver and GeoXH™ handheld, and 1 to 3 meter accuracy with the GeoXM™ handheld.

At the heart of the system is Trimble's 5700 L1 GPS receiver, a high-performance, rugged, and waterproof receiver that is built to work in any climate. And, with exceptionally low power consumption and internal batteries that can be used as a backup power supply, you can be confident that the 5700 L1 Reference Station system won't let you down.

The 5700 L1 Reference Station system also features Trimble's GPSBase software, with complex algorithms that ensure the best possible differential corrections are generated. Together with superior multipath mitigation, a range of communication options, and many advanced security features, GPSBase software is quite simply the most sophisticated reference station software available.

The Trimble 5700 L1 Reference Station system is an affordable entry into Trimble's scalable GPS infrastructure solutions. Featuring a range of solutions from entry-level to advanced, the scalable infrastructure series supports all GPS applications-from a single user doing GPS mapping, to a five-person survey crew, to a network of dual-frequency reference stations for geodetic modeling. As your business evolves and your needs change, Trimble has a solution to keep pace.

Key features:

bulletAffordable single-frequency reference station for reliable differential corrections
bulletAdvanced GPSBase software with superior multipath mitigation and a range of
communication options
bulletFully sealed magnesium alloy housing that won't let you down in any weather conditions
bulletThe entry-level solution in Trimble's range of scalable GPS infrastructure solutions

A CORS L-1, L-2 reference station is also available. 


Prices range from $8,500 to $16,000.   Just fill out the request form below and a detailed quotation is yours. (Price link for educators)

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