Top Companies That Use GPS

Many companies around the world make use of GPS tracking systems to track their employees and company vehicles. When used correctly, GPS tracking can save your company money and time. Here are some beneficiaries of GPS systems.

Trucking Businesses

Nearly all the trucking companies ensure all their trucks have GPS tracking devices, which enables remote monitoring of the trucks at all times. It also helps to ensure drivers use the designated routes and that they make deliveries on time. Managers can also check if drivers drive at the recommended speeds.

Law Enforcement

Knowing where the personnel and vehicles are located at all times is crucial for law enforcement. They can dispatch whoever is in closest in proximity to respond to a situation, such as an ongoing crime, as quickly as possible. Data from GPS tracking is also usually used when conducting investigations.


A majority of construction companies usually give their company vehicles to their employees. They use GPS tracking systems to ensure employees are at their place of work and also to monitor their activities remotely.

Taxi Service

Using GPS tracking to know exactly where each vehicle is located saves a taxi company a lot of money. The dispatcher can keep the miles and time between fares as low as possible by dispatching the closest cars to customers, hence increasing efficiency. It also seals the loopholes for drivers to cheat.

Car Hire Companies

Car hire companies usually have vast fleets of vehicles. They need to have GPS devices installed in their vehicles so they can monitor where the vehicles are at all times. It also helps to prevent cases of car theft.


Transit companies, irrespective of the means of transportation used, rely on GPS to ensure all shipments are made on schedule. GPS systems used in the transport business have automated features which are used to inform the passengers of the route used, the destination, and upcoming stops.

Delivery Service

The success of a majority of delivery businesses can be credited to service efficiency. GPS systems ensure deliveries are made within the shortest time possible. The drivers or riders do not need to rely on directions from the customers to make the deliveries.


Salespeople often have to be on the road to meet potential clients. The nature of their job does not allow them to show up to meetings late. When going to an unfamiliar destination, the salespersons use GPS for driving directions to save time as well as increase productivity.